Recharge Flower & fruit 1.25kg

Recharge Flower & fruit 1.25kg
Recharge Flower & fruit 1.25kg
Enhanced Triple Action formula which delivers the ultimate in fertilising for your flowers & fruit
Recharge ultimate Fertiliser is a triple action premium quality fertiliser containing a scientifically designed unique combination of powerful ingredients such as Robust Controlled Release Fertiliser, Penetraide and instant fertilisers for rapid response and long term feeding for up to 12 months.
Recharge Ultimate Fertiliser contains added Penetraide Re-wetting Granules that allow water and fertiliser to penetrate to the roots of the plant to rewet dried out soils.
Added trace elements, minerals, micronutrients and zeolite completes the formula to boost flower and fruit production and grow healthy plants for stunning results. suitable to use on Australian native Plants, made in Australia

- Enhanced formulation provides an easy to spread blend of key ingredients for getting the best out of your plants.

- Boosts flowers, fruit, lush foliage and healthy plant growth

- Suitable for Australian Natives (low Phosphorous)

- Contains Robust Controlled Release Fertiliser for up to 12 months feeding

- Contains Penetraide Advanced Re-Wetting Granules to ensure nutrients and moisture are delivered to the root zone and enhance soil moisture absorption for up to 12 months

- Contains instant release fertiliser for rapid response

- Added Trace Elements, Minerals & Micronutrients to provide a complete food for optimum performance and plant growth

- NPK 8 : 1.5 : 10.5 +TE

Available Sizes: 500gm (Carton), 1.25kg (Carton), 4kg (Tub)