How to grow grevilleas


How to Grow Grevilleas

If native birds and wildlife is what you want in your garden then Grevilleas are for you. These natives of Australia all contain nectar (except for one or two) and are simply irresistible to our native feathered friends. Ranging from sprawling ground covers to large rainforest trees, most are easily grown in our Queensland climate.

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Australian native pests & diseases

Australian Native Pests & Diseases

Is there something chewing your Callistemons?  Grazing on your Grevilleas?  Brunching on your Banksias? Devouring your Dianellas?

Many gardeners grow Australian native plants under the sometimes-mistaken impression that these plants are almost bulletproof, that is, once they’re established they don’t suffer from many pests and diseases.  Fact is, many native plants are quite resistant to pests and diseases in regions to which they are endemic but can be troubled when grown in gardens far from these regions.

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